Alternative History
World Map 1700

World in 1700, right before the Point of Divergence.

POD: Charles XII successfully gains the support of the Cossacks, Tartars and Ottomans in his campaign against Russian Tsar, Peter the Great in 1709. The combined Swedish, Cossack, Tartar and Ottoman forces are able to overcome the Russian redoubts at Poltava and march on to take Kharkhov and Smolensk within 6 months. Peter is forced to sue for peace when he is besieged in Moscow. Russia is force to cede 1000 sq mi of Northern Russia, including Novgorod, and all of Karelia to Sweden. In addition, Poland - Saxony and Denmark - Norway, who also helped Russia in the conflict, are robbed of territory. Much of northern Poland, including the White Russian capital Minsk, and the Norwegian city of Frederikshald are given to Sweden. Also, land in the Ukraine is given to the Ottomans. Sweden remains a major European power.

World Map 1710

World in 1710, right after the Point of Divergence.


Author: Emperorjames