Charles XII

Charles the Great, king of Sweden during the Great Northern War

In Swedish Superpower, Sweden is more successful in the Great Northern War. After defeating Peter the Great's army at the Battle of Narva, Russia was nearly defeated, having lost all of its equipment in the battle. Charles VII of Sweden continues his march in Russia, defeating the remaining Russian army and killing Peter the Great in the Battle of Archangel. Russia is left in a state of chaos, and forced to sign a peace treaty in 1701.

Charles then crossed the Düna and invaded his last remaining enemy, Poland-Lithuania. After defeating Augustus the Strong's and placing Stanisław Leszczyński on the throne, Sweden defeated a Saxon-Polish army and Augustus renounced his claims to the throne and made peace with Sweden. With his last enemy gone, the Great Northern War was over and Sweden established itself as the premier power in the Baltic.

Charles does not stop there, and continues his territorial ambitions, setting up colonies in the Americans and Africa, creating a large, more important Swedish Empire. The Swedes continue to shape European and global politics for the years to come.


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