Alternative History
Schweiz, Svizzera, la Suisse
Timeline: Viva California
Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno
Capital Zürich
Largest city Zürich
Other cities Bern, Chur
  others Schweizertütsch, Rhætoromanish, Italian
Religion Protestantism
Government Direct Democracy, Federal Republic
Chief Councilor
Population 5,292,140 (2007 est.) 
Established 1291
Currency Franc

Switzerland is the longest continually existing nation, despite the frequent fluctuations of its borders. During the Great War and the World War Switzerland served as an escape route for Europeans wishing to flee the fighting. Because of this Switzerland was invaded by the German Empire, and for a time lost 75% of its territory.

Following the Spasm, Switzerland temporarily reasserted its borders, but lost la Suisse Romande to France in border skirmishing before the end of the year.