Kingdom of Syria
almamlakat alsuwria
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Flag of Damascus
Syria 1922
Location of Damascus
(and largest city)
  others other languages
Government Constitutional monarchy
  legislature Parliament
King Faisal
Prime minister Hashim al-Atassi
Population 2.3 million 
Independence from Ottoman Empire
  declared 1 March 1925
  recognized 1 Jan 1928
Currency Syrian Pound

The Kingdom of Syria is a country in western Asia. It borders Lebanon to the southwest, Druze to the south, Alwite to the west and Iraq to the southeast. The kingdom of Syria is home to many different ethic groups such as Kurds, Turkmen, etc.


The Kingdom of Syria was established on 1 March 1925 after the start of the second Arab uprising. In order to get the Druze and Alawites support for the uprising, King Faisal promised them their own state if the uprising was successful. Following the conclusion of the uprising in 1928, King Faisal kept his promise and ceded them the lands they had been promised in 1925.

Following the uprising a period of rebuilding and modernization took place during the early years of King Faisal´s reign.


The Royal Syrian Forces consist of two branches:

  • The Royal Syrian Army which is the most up-to-date of the two branches and the biggest with an estimated strength of 120,000 men in times of peace.
  • The Royal Syrian Air Force which is undergoing a period of modernization with the help of the United Kingdom and France.
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