The Taino and Carib Islands are a chain of tropical islands that lie in the gulf between Leifia to the North and Tawantinland to the South. They are mostly dependencies of European or Leifian states. However, the two largest islands, Coabana and Quisqueyanos, are independent.

Roughly speaking the Taino Sea is the area of water north of Coabana and West of the Lucayan islands. The Carib Sea is the area of water to the south of Coabana bordered by Mexica, the Carib islands and Tawantinland.

The Taino Islands were historically much more receptive to new ideas and technology than the Carib islands to the southeast. The larger islands also supported larger populations and they were of great interest to the explorers probing down from Vinland and across the Atlantic from Europe. They fell into periods of poor rule, however, acerbated by the spread of disease and over-population and were easy prey for those European nations eager to take full advantage of the lucrative cross-Atlantic trading opportunities.

The Carib Islands on the other hand proved much more of a challenge. Whilst the Tainos were on the whole peaceful, the Caribs were warlike and often attacked the settlements on the Taino Islands. This practice gradually diminished after Denmark gained the archipelago farthest east. Thereafter, it was a slow process of treaty and settlement which brought the Carib Islands under control. Some islands were found to be uninhabited which allowed a swift settlement. Others were cajoled into becoming dependencies for fear of being swallowed up by a more powerful neighbour or, in some cases, at gunpoint. These had lighter settlement from outside, usually aggressively resisted by the Caribs and still retain a great deal of their original cultures.

Most of the islands' economies rely on agriculture but also a few act as agents for Mexica trade. Many have also found it expedient to bank in the islands out of the reach of their respective country's tax authorities.

Map of Caribbean (The Kalmar Union)

Nations and Territories of the Taino and Carib Islands

Nations and Dependencies

  • Liamuiga (Brittany-Maine) OTL St Kitts and Nevis
  • Leonese Carib Islands (Leon)
    • Saba
    • Sanctuario OTL Barbuda
    • St James OTL Monserrat
  • Karukera (France) OTL Guadeloupe
  • Waitukub (Wessex-Normandy) OTL Dominica
  • Flag of Guyana (The Kalmar Union).svg Kingdom of Guyana (United Netherlands)
    • Waomoni OTL Antigua
    • Ichirouganaim OTL Barbados
    • Kalina Islands OTL St Vincent and Grenadines
    • King William Island OTL Grenada
    • Yerette OTL Trinidad
    • Aloubaere OTL Tobago
    • Heeftgoud OTL Aruba
    • Bojnaj OTL Bonaire
    • Curaçao
    • Waikerí Island OTL Margarita
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