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1851 Taiping forces rapidly advance throughout China and march rapidly on Beijing instead of pausing as in OTL.

1853 After a long siege Beijing falls to Taiping forces ending the Manchu regime. The new Taiping government mixes primitive socialism, with Puritan protestant, and a communal democracy similar to that of ancient Athens

1854 Taiping forces gain control of border regions in Manchuria, Tibet and Mongolia, Korea and Indochina. Great Britain and the United States recognize the new regime supporting protestantism and democracy. The Nanking government welcomes trade with the west and is not bound by the traditions of the past. In order to show friendship with the new government the British agree to end some of the unfair trade practices. This angers conservative businesses but is supported by both liberals and missionary protestants. Victory for the Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace.

In order to get money, the government sells Mongolia to Russia for 10 trillion dollars, and Taiwan to Britain for five trillion dollars.

1855 Construction begins on the first railroad between Beijing and the Pacific Ocean. The first primitive industries begin to sprout up in China.

The Chinese Army became westernized with new army technology along that the navy was Westernized.

Great Leaps Forward

1856 Chinese forces help fight Britain and France fight in the Crimean War, mostly along the Amur River. However, some troops armed with Western weapons and shipped by British ships fight in the Crimea. British officers are sent to help modernize the Chinese army faster along with those from Germany and France. Chinese soldiers are loaned to the British to help maintain order in India.

1856-1870 China continues to grow industrially and begins to build more railways. Major reforms in the lives of Chinese are made. A Roman alphabet is introduced and a new education system begun.

1884 Like China, Japan westernizes and becomes another strong Asian nation. Japan which was China's old enemy, attacks the Port of Hong Kong, though the Chinese army and navy defeated the Japanese..

1885 Russia demands that the Chinese should help build their railroad if many of the workers need to get money. About 500 million people helped the railroad and altogether, they earned 1 billion dollars.  

1892 The British Empire, which has dominated the Americas, Africa, Antarctica, Oceania (including Australia), the Middle East, Iberian Peninsula, Southwest France, Monaco, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Northern Europe and Russia territory around the White Sea, the Mediterranean Islands, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and many Asian Pacific Islands. (not including the 4 main islands of Japan) has helped suplly China with 1/5 of its wealth to help the country itself..

1894 The new Chinese army trained by Prussian officers and the new Chinese navy trained by the British crush Russian forces. Russia agrees not to control its territory in Mongolia.

1898 Following the sinking of a British battleship in Manila, Britain occupies the Philippines.

World at War

1905 Germany builds up industrial empire in Europe.

1906 China overthrows its emperor, thus replacing it by a democracy.

1907 The Battle of the English Channel near London challenged Britain's navy against the new submarines of Germany and its fleet.

1908 China knows about they invention of the submarine, and begins to make them.

1911 Most Chinese industries are farther beyond those of half the European countries.

1912 Britain, France, China, Russia, Japan, and Italy sign the Six Entente.

1914 Franz Ferdinard asasinated- WW1 begins..

1915 The invention of trench warfare to China and Europe.

1920 Triple Alliance, Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Switzerland defeated. Licheinstien, Low Countries, the Austrian Empire, and Switzerland come to British Empire.

1931 Japan felt cheat when the war thought to give them territory and separates from the newly formed League of Nations.

1932 Thanks to Hitler, the next world war begins.

1933 Japan, Italy, and Germany as Axis wreck havoc around the world. Japan, invades much of the Pacific side of Asia, Italy controls most of British Africa, and Germany overruns most of Europe.

1934 The Axis wave of advance turns.

1935 Britain invents the Atomic Bomb with Russia and China.

1936 Italy, Sakhalin, Japan and its original territories before WW-II, and the Kuril Islands is overrun by Britain. Germany surrenders thanks to the Atomic bomb.

1937-1959 General Mao Zedong is elected First Citizen of the Tsiping Republic and serves the longest term in Taipings history before stepping down in 1959 to return to his farm in Hunan. He is called the Taiping Cincinnatus.

Cold Peace

1937-1969 Cold War between Britain and Russia makes both side make nuclear weapons.

1957 Zhou Enlai is elected First Citizen.

1969 British Purchase of Hainan and the Pearl River Delta.

Russian Purchase of Mongolia

1973 Cultural Revolution begins in China. People fleeing for their lives head for Taiwan, which becomes a part of Britain.

1976 Consul Deng Xiaoping secedes Zhou Enlai after his death.

1974 A rebellion in North China forcing it to give Outer Mongolia to Mongolia begins, though unsuccessful.

1975 China lands the 1st man on the moon after Russia and Britain.

List of First Citizens (Taiping China)