Alternative History
Taivaan Lintu
Bird of Heaven
Taivaan Lintu (finnish superpower)
Taivaan Lintu over its hanger in the Helsinki Airfield in 1941
Type Airship
Manufacturer Ilma valo (Air Light Limited.)
Designed by Hinta Poissa (1889-1953)
Maiden flight January 16, 1941
Introduction January 1, 1941
Retired January 24, 1957
Status On display, in Finland's National Museum of Aeronautics, located in Helsinki.
Produced 1940-1941
Number built 1
Program cost $4 million
Unit cost $3 million
Developed from Hindenburg class

Taivaan Lintu was a large Finnish commercial passenger-carrying rigid airship, the lead ship of the Taivaan Lintu class, the largest flying machine of any kind (by dimension) ever built. The airship flew from January 16, 1941 until its retirement on January 24, 1957, at the end of a North American transatlantic journey of its sixteenth season of service. Named the Taivaan Lintu, or Bird of Heaven in English, the ship was helium gas-filled.


Ever since the successful landing of the Hindenburg, Finland has been continuously involved in the advancement of airships.