Taiwan under Japanese rule
Timeline: Twilight of a New Era

OTL equivalent: Taiwan under Japanese rule (1895-1945)
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag of the Governor-General Emblem of the Government of Taiwan
Location Taiwan
Anthem "Kimigayo"
Capital Taihoku (Taipei)
Largest city Tainan
Other cities Taichū (Taichung), Takao (Kaohsiung) and Shinchiku (Hsinchu)
  others Taiwanese Hokkien, Hakka Chinese, Mandarin Chinese and Formosan languages
State Shinto
  others Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism
Ethnic Groups
  others Hoklo, Hakka, Japanese and Taiwanese aborigines
Demonym Taiwanese
Government Constitutional monarchy (territory of the Empire of Japan)
Governor-General of Taiwan
Area 35,980 km²
Population 5.87 million (1940) 
Annexation to Empire of Japan
  date 1895-1945
Currency Taiwanese yen (圓)
Organizations Greater East Asian Prosperity Alliance (since 1934, has territory of the Empire of Japan)

Taiwan (台湾) was a dependency of the Empire of Japan. The expansion into Taiwan was a part of Imperial Japan's general policy of southward expansion during the late 19th century.


As Taiwan was Japan's first overseas colony, Japanese intentions were to turn the island into a showpiece "model colony". As a result, much effort was made to improve the island's economy, industry, public works and to change its culture.

News of Revolution in Japan (1945) and mutiny of the army and naval units in Chosen, also meant an uprising of Japanese armed forces in Taiwan. However, the rebels got the upper hand of the conflict after sieging the headquarters of the Governor-General and loyal units at Taihoku (Taipei). The colonial administration was dissolved and local committees of Taiwanese and some Japanese put in charge of administration. These established a Provisional Government that mainly coordinated the retreat of Japanese soldiers and officials.

Near the end of the Great Pacific War the Provisional Government proclaimed independence and established the Democratic State of Taiwan. The Joint Allies Administration of Taiwan (JAAT), integrated by China, USA, France and ICF, recognized the already installed government after the surrender of the Empire of Japan (1945).

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