Alternative History

I'm going to do something a bit different with this timeline. Every so often I'm going to ask a question about what will happen next in the timeline here in the discussion page. The answer that I get which either has the most support or most likely outcome will be chosen for the timeline. I'll then develop the timeline a bit further and ask another question. -- 00:41 25/07/07 Denten007

Question 1

What will be the British reaction to the defeat at Kinsale? Will they try to fortify their keeps and cities in Ireland? Will they send another army to do battle again? Will they seek a peace treaty? Will they use their navy to attack Spanish ships and try to draw the Spanish away from Ireland? (Remember that the answer may not the actual best solution, but what the British would most likely do at this time considering their mentality, resources and leadership.) -- 00:43 25/07/07 Denten007