Alternative History

I'm going to do something a bit different with this timeline. Every so often I'm going to ask a question about what will happen next in the timeline here in the discussion page. The answer that I get which either has the most support, most likely outcome or best argument will be chosen for the timeline. I'll then develop the timeline a bit further and ask another question later on. -- 00:41 25/07/07 Denten007


1. Nothing completely impossible/improbable can happen, eg. "all of the English army suddenly drop dead and the Irish conquer the galaxy in the name of satanism".

2. The questions are not fixed multiple choice or yes and no answers, you can answer with anything as long as it's plausible and backed up with a reasonable debate.

3. Feel free to add images in both answering questions (to show your point) and in the actual timeline (to help decorate it).

4. Once a question is closed and a new question opened, no whining about how your answers didn't get picked. However if you feel that the chosen answer was not at all up to scratch say so, and why.

5. No bickering or insulting. Debating recommended.

Question 1

What will be the British reaction to the defeat at Kinsale? Will they try to fortify their keeps and cities in Ireland? Will they send another army to do battle again? Will they seek a peace treaty? Will they use their navy to attack Spanish ships and try to draw the Spanish away from Ireland? (Remember that the answer may not the actual best solution, but what the British would most likely do at this time considering their mentality, resources and leadership.) -- 00:43 25/07/07 Denten007

That's a pretty nifty idea you have there...letting others suggest the outcome. It's sort of like one of those "choose your own adventure" stories where you have a choice and turn to a specific page to learn the outcome. As for my answer, I'm not completely sure what they'd do, but 1) they wouldn't just give up, with such high stakes (the Spanish so close to home) and 2) they wouldn't just send another army there if the casualties the first time were as high as you say. They would have to come up with some plan while trying to hold their remaining territory in Ireland. So I guess I'd go with the "fortify" choice and start to prepare for another war with a different strategy. --Riction 13:40, 25 July 2007 (UTC)

Question 2

After the burning of Dublin, the sack of the Pale and the Spanish-Irish army on the warpath, how will England strike back? Will they count their losses and retreat, avoiding a long drawn out conflict? Will they ship ll available troops to Ireland? Will they strike at Spain so that the Spanish forces are withdrawn? Will they seek allies on the continent to battle the Spanish, leading to a wider conflict? --31/01/08 22:39 Denten007