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Before any proposals are made, I think it would be advantageous to flesh out all of the immediate implications of this timeline. Obviously the main result is that Amerindians don't settle the New World, but there are a number of other implications that can be drawn as a result.

  • Polynesians (who were in the Americans around 500 to 700 AD ) would be able to settle along the coasts of South America.
  • Vikings (who were in the Americas around 1000 AD) would be able to settle down along the coasts of Northeast America.
  • Many species of megafauna, including perhaps a variant of the woolly mammoth and sabertooth tiger would remain in  the New World.
  • Colonization would be much more difficult, without Indians to trade with and without the lands that they had already cleared out.
  • Alternate migration routes of some other peoples, including perhaps the Indo-Europeans, who were in the area at the time.

What ideas do you all foresee occurring in this ATL? Reximus | Talk to Me!

We also need to determine the migration routes that various peoples will be taking. I think this should be done before we get too far ahead of ourselves. The Amerindians arrived relatively late to their final location, meaning most other groups have been relatively settled.

The main exception, and one that is really important, are the Indo-Europeans. Their migration took place from 4000 to 1000 BC, which is relatively recent in terms of human migration. Do we want their migration out of OTL Ukraine to remain the same? I tend to think yes, except for their eastward migrations. With the Amerindians remaining in Siberia and then expanding throughout parts of Asia (Mongolia and Tibet come to mind) I see the OTL Mongolian people moving into Persia/India before I see the Indo-Europeans doing so. Thoughts on this? Reximus | Talk to Me! 16:07, March 27, 2016 (UTC)

I could see more nations having colonies praticuraly Venice beacuse of trade purposes, and less resistance. Prince Octavian , of Jerusalem, Sicily, and Swabia, and Duke of Amalfi. Coat of Arms of Oct as Duke of Almafi.svg

I think the Amerindians should end up settling in a belt, starting in central Asia, going across western and northern China, Mongolia, and Manchuria, then turning north to settle large parts of Eastern Siberia. This would probably strongly influence Chinese culture, and to lesser extent Indian culture. I think migrations across Europe should remain largely the same, as the PoD really wouldn't affect it very much. Regards, Fires, The Centiqueer Beluga Whale (Respect my identity!)