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This is fairly biased, don't you think? Just because the Bolsheviks would fail doesn't mean that other socialist would fail. In fact, without the horrible examples of socialism in quasi-feudal rRussia the chances for a Red future would be brighter. After all socialism was made with the industrialised world in mind.

You're probably right, without stalin's example, even the USA might have been more tolerant toward left-wingers. There's also the fact that socialists in many country took power without having to resort to revolution --Marcpasquin 23:35, 19 Jul 2005 (UTC)
I'm not sure of the motivation for the abandoned revolution. Any continuation of the war was going to bring down any government -- even the Bolsheviks had to face that problem at Brest-Litovsk. At the start, some of the Bolsheviks wanted to continue the war and the demands of the Germans encouraged resistance. Trotsky tried for a novel solution when he simply "declared peace" without signing a treaty with the Germans. The Germans would have nothing of it and advanced on Petrograd. Lenin then forced the rest of the government to realize that there was no alternative to signing a treaty with the Germans. The Kerensky government wasn't going to get off any easier.
Lenin was single-minded on the subject of seizing power and Trotsky was on the same page. The German Revolution showed that liberal and center-socialist government could take power against more radical left-wing revolutionaries, but they were discredited by the peace that followed (war can be a simpler matter than peace, as we see today).

Long time no see. I'm really astonished that some guys show interest on my althist, first thanks for that! I'm not a profound expert of Russian history, but the rise of the Soviet Union is seen to be an accident of history beginning with Kaiser Wilhelm's smuggle of Lenin from Switzerland into Russia and further hinge moments. First when Lenin reached Petrograd, he was able to gain majorities in important soviets like that of Petrograd and that of Moscow. Another reason why the Bolsheviks gained that much support in OTL was their promise of "peace and bread" and this support was usually limited to the cities whereas the rural population was not "fire and flames" for the Bolsheviks. These peasants making up the majority of Russian population then used to elect the SR party in order to have a land reform, see OTL Constituante elections. Furthermore the Bolsheviks had to dissolve the Constituante by brute force as firstly their support wasn't enough for a majority and secondly they initially didn't rule more than some important cities. The rule over the rural areas where Bolsheviks lasted years to be established and last but not least remind that the rise of the Bolsheviks resultet in the Civil War. It was a lot of hard work to have Russia painted red!

Russia was the most likely country to become red (and eventually did in OTL). True, other countries like Germany or Hungary had good potentials to become soviet republics, the first one with republics established in several localties such as Munich, the latter one as a national government, but in both cases these republics disappeared by armed interventions. Every country tried to cope with the red menace and Kerensky did so too. Kerensky's problem was Kornilov who often worked in unfavor to the Kerensky government, making him a destabilizing factor. My question is what had happened if Kerensky had creeped his country out of the war. What had happened to a guy like Kornilov? Dr. Nodelescu 05:15, 30 Jul 2005 (UTC)

In the 1920s, Germany was plauged with hyper-inflation caused largely by exorbidant repairations demanded by the Allies. In this timeline, Luxembor was not forced to carry out a revolution she thought would fail, which she did only because many in her party were inspired by Lenin's success. Now with the populace seeing the results of opressive Capitalism, and not being part of the Red Scare that the rise of the USSR would cause, they follow the communist Party. Luxemborg's Communism is far more democratic than Lenin's Autocratic form opr Stalin's dictatorial form. Plus Germany is a capitalist and developed nation, which has plently of resources to redistribute. Her Communist model proves successful and improves the situation of Germanys, but the rest of the West is warry, and makes moves to start planning for war.

anarchist russia?

I think we should also have an alternative scenario in which the anarchist black army defeated the Bolshevik red army and the tsarist/monarchist white army-- 16:14, 15 April 2007 (UTC)

Right now I'm researching the Makhnovist movement. I don't think it would have been possible for the Black Army to defeat the others; but possibly "not being defeated by" would work. I think the best they would hope for, at first, would be an "Anarchist Ekaterinoslav" (province of Ukraine). Atinoda 22:45, 19 May 2007 (UTC)