Next time Bob I would recommend spending sometime discussing ideas on Talk:1983: Doomsday before creating a new article. With that being said I have a few issues with this article:

  1. ”independent region of Novobritain/entirely independent city within the ANZC” - Why would Australia even allow some refugees to carve out an “independent” region from their territory? Especially since they didn’t allow the Americans to do so and they would have a larger population then the British exiles.
  2. ”Louis, Prince Napoleon…closest surviving relative” - What happened to Prince Andrew? It has been confirmed by several editors that he would have survived Doomsday and he would be near Australia. Why would Louis (was he even in Africa OTL 1983) get the crown instead?
  3. ”Emperor of the Britons” - Quite a title for a place that probably doesn’t even have a population in the tens of thousands.
  4. ”Contact with Bermuda and the Celtic Alliance” - What happened to the Kingdom of Cleveland?
  5. ”BSA High Command” - Why do they have a High Command? I find it hard to believe that ANZC would allow a refugee organization to have a real military for this long, especially inside their territory. The APA was different because they still had territory to police, but the BSA would not.
  6. ”The BSA plans to move the inhabitants of Novobritain to another location in Botswana where they would be able to set up a new state called Churchillia” - This has to be the most implausible part of this article. First off why would these people agree to be moved from a first world country to a pre-1983 third world country that is probably now a certified hellhole. Second, how do the people of Botswana feel about this? Would they really be ok with getting a bunch of Brits dumped on them? Third, how do the Brits even get there? Botswana has no coast, meaning not only do the Brits need to find a friendly port (which I doubt there is one), but they also need to get them overland across lawless territory. Fourth, even if they do manage to move a reluctant population to Botswana, how do they feed them, cloth them, or house them without having a major die off or killing the people of Botswana and taking it from them?

Again Bob the issues are scope and optimism. The BSA could exist as an NGO but not like this at all. Mitro 20:01, 23 July 2009 (UTC)

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