Alternative History


Once out of the race (with no Colon), I cannot see why the Castillian would want to come to the New World, nor the aragonese. If Castile and Aragone unite as Spain, they would probably want to concentrate in the Mediterranean, mainly as a way to concentrate against the Turks.

Now. In 1496 OTL Juana married Phillip. If this happens ATL then we could see Emperor Charles V (I of Spain) uniting Spain and being king of Austria and Spain in a common front against the Turkish, but without the gold from the Americas.

Also, events might butterfly away the marriage between Catherine of Aragon and Arthur/Henry.

But, let's assume that the events of the European monarchies would remind the same as OTL, at least to 1510, when the discovery of America OTL introduced a serious consequences in Europe (Aztecan and Incan gold has not yet been discovered):

So, Juana marries Phillip and gave birth to their six children before Phillip dies. Second child Charles is heir to the Holly Roman Empire and the Castilian and Aragonese kingdoms.

Catherine of Aragon is married with Prince Arthur of England, who dies and then married with Henry...

Now, without the Americas, Spanish gold would not finance the Austrian wars against the Turks.

Would Charles unite Spain and keep it separated from Austria?

A union of the Lower Countries, Castile, Aragone, Navarre, Granada, Naples, Sicily, Sardinia, and Haspburg Austria would certainly worry France.

Now the question, is how crucial would have became Spanish gold to the Charles success agaisnt the French?

And... without worried by Spanish America... Would Charles have crushed protestantism? Of course, asuming that protestantism stars... the pope indulgencies, or the exact way to issue them, might have been butterflied by the events...

--Chlewey 20:00, 8 Feb 2005 (GMT)

You question here what might happen to Spain without the New World gold, but I wonder who ends up getting the gold and how -- quickly through plunder, or more slowly through trade? --AirshipArmada 06:20, 8 Jun 2005 (UTC)
My sketch: the Portuguese get to Peruvian gold, mainly by trade. About Mexican gold... probably both the Portuguese and the English (also by trade, or by an India-like situation), probably the French and/or the Dutch come quickly after...
--Carlos Th (talk) 17:43, 8 Jun 2005 (UTC)