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  • Kieran Colfer Ok. Well, the british would never have sold Canada to the US, especially after just having had a war (which one woudl assume here was a staelmate). The upper echelons of British society hated the new "upstart" country of the US, and would never have done anything to strengthen it. As for "Generation of electricity has become so efficient that fossil fuels lost their appeal in their discovery.", so what generates the electricity then?Yesterday at 10:14am ·Like
  • [1]'Samuel' Garcia thanks, working in the new details...Yesterday at 10:16am ·Like
  • [2]Fred Miller Before Rural Electrification, home wind power and hydroelectric were fairly common. Given that this TL develops generators at least 20 years before OTL, these technologies have had more time to blossom. Not so much that fossil fuel generators wouldn't work, but that it doesn't make much sense to run lines to someplace that already has their own supply. Especially if there's been really widespread development already, otherwise fossil fuels would come in. In keeping with the flavour of the TL, maybe Tesla gets all the money he can abuse ala Gernsback or Trolleyworld and invents cold fusion or somesuch.

"The aerocraft, a flying steam vehicle, was invented in 1854." 1852, Henri Giffard, first powered, controlled flight in a steam-powered dirigible.Yesterday at 12:13pm ·Like

  • [3]'Samuel' Garcia Duly noted(had something planned with Tesla already), but the aerocraft is more like our current aircraft, not balloony.Yesterday at 12:22pm ·Like
  • [4]Juan Batista I have one of those PODs as an exam question for my students: If US annexes all of MX, keep in mind the population was then 3/4 that of the US. So in 50 yrs you have a Latino majority in the US. It's only been in Protestant nations you have capitalist ideology seen as inherent good. A US of all North America would resemble Chavez's Venezuela not an Ayn Rand fantasy.Yesterday at 12:53pm ·Like
  • [5]'Samuel' Garcia Keep in mind the states are being seen as independent nations instead of one seamless Federal whole, and that Protestant missions redouble their efforts.Yesterday at 2:19pm ·Like
  • [6]Matt Mitrovich I find it hard to believe that protestants could convert the amount of people in Mexico that you suggest. Also consider the fact that Roman Catholicism iis the single largest Christian denomination in the US (if you break down the protestant faith into their individual churches; Bapitst, Methodist, Luterans, etc.). Forcing people to drop a religion that has been a part of their culture for centuries is more likely to cause endless revolts.Yesterday at 2:29pm ·Like
  • [7]Matt Mitrovich Also let us not forget Catholic Quebec.Yesterday at 2:34pm ·Like
  • [8]Matt Mitrovich I finally read this TL and there are a lot of inherent issues. One is the idea that slavery could be butterflied away simply by speeches by Lincoln. Thomas Jefferson was unable to convince the South to get rid of slavery when the country was young, how would Lincoln manage that when slavery was an entreched part of the southern economy. Also the idea that a coporate/libertarian Republic would lead to massive wealth and advanced tech is just as implausible as when it was written about in Smith's North American Confederacy series. Once only has to read the history of Citigroup to understand that corporations are far from perfect at 2:37pm ·Like
  • [9]'Samuel' Garcia What numbers of conversions did I suggest? :SYesterday at 2:40pm ·Like
  • [10]'Samuel' Garcia And yes, the states/sovereingties have their own state religion, not only Protestant, too...Yesterday at 2:41pm ·Like
  • [11]Matt Mitrovich Enough to make Juan's comment moot, that was the comment that caused you to say "and that Protestant missions redouble their efforts." And if there are state religion (so much for the 1st amendment anti-establisment clause) that will just weaken the unity protestants have making the Catholics a larger and more influential group. There is both a religious and racial reason why the US did not annex Mexico OTL which seems to be ignored in this TL.Yesterday at 2:45pm ·Like
  • [12]'Samuel' Garcia As Liberatarians interpret the Constitution "CONGRESS(as in the national, not state government) shall make no law, blah, blah...". And when I mean Protestant's efforts, they have at least more influence, than in the OTL. Not that I'm discounting all that you said, I'll work in the other details you brought up.Yesterday at 2:48pm ·Like
  • [13]'Samuel' Garcia And I'm not implying that all the states in my TL have state religions, only Quebec and Utah/Deseret and some Mexican statesYesterday at 2:50pm ·Like
  • [14]Matt Mitrovich Listen if you want a weak federal governemnt that will allow you to create the "ideal" Libertarian America, just have the Constitution defeated in convention and let America stick with the Articles of Confederation. That will give you the leeway to do what you want, because if you stick with the Constitution you are stuck with a potentially Federalist SC (which remained Federalist long after the Federalists disbanded) who will apply the BoR to the states as it is today to prevent them from discriminating/oppressing their own population. Even with that POD change, however, this TL remains very implausible especially with the vast territorial expansion and tech boom. It really does remind of the NAC series. You should read, it is right up your alley. at 2:56pm ·Like
  • [15]'Samuel' Garcia Err, to create the "ideal" Liberatarian America is not really my objective. I'll try to read the books, if I can find them.Yesterday at 3:01pm ·Like
  • [16]'Samuel' Garcia Hmm, I may modify the Constitution to lean Anti-Federalist? The logic behind the tech boom is that capitalistic efforts go hand in hand with advances in research, since more money is in the hands of individuals, and the logic behind the expansion is that of the territorial expansion is greatly aided by the tech boom. I will lessen it then. 23:30, March 13, 2012 (UTC)

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I wanted to know if this was ok, but I edited this page because I wanted to give it more detail and advance the timeline up to present day. I hope I didn't infringe on this timeline, but I really wanted to edit it. I am a new member on this wiki, so don't call me any names (especially the r-word since I have special needs), so just try to understand, I am really interested in this althist, and I really wanted to have the chance to help y'all out with this. Thanks!

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