Alternative History

He immeadiatly began to create new uses for this this Steam Engine. He fitted them inside Battering Rams and Siege Towers

What form did this weapon take? How does a steam powered rolling ball help a battering ram? Is it a means of locomotion?

The steam powered device developed by Hero OTL, to open temple doors, was not particularly powerful. It used condensing steam as a counter weight. The turbine he developed vented live steam as it spun, which would present a problem inside a siege tower. Hmm. . . perhaps the live steam itself could be a weapon. --AirshipArmada 23:36, 1 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Because it might require lots of equipment, it could be a defencive siege weapon: place a few vents near the base of the walls to release pressurized steam when the ennemy tries to climb over.
As for the battering ram, its the pressure that would make for a repeating battering. I doubt though that they would jump so quickly from one invention to all the other applications--Marcpasquin 00:10, 2 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Well, I believe the repating motion for the battering ram would be the motion Athens would use and the rolling ball could soon be adapted for more powerful uses. --Henneth 00:45, 2 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Also sprach Theophilus: The Peloponnesian War ended 404. In 350, OTL, the Thebans had invited Philip II of Macedon down from his mountain kingdom to join in their war against Phocis (356-346). In 352, at the Battle of Crocus Field, the Macedonians had dealt a crippling blow against the Phocians.

How would horses react to this new weapon? Could it be used to cause a panic and break formations?

Was Sparta not an ally of Syracuse in the Sicilian Expedition (415-413 BC)? Did they fall out between then & now? VonGlusenburg 18:13, September 24, 2010 (UTC)