Focke-Wulf never made Helicopters (although they did experament on Coleopters). Focke-Achgelis were the ones who made helicopters for the Luftwaffe. Also the ME 362 was a project for a 3 jet military airliner, not a Jet fighter. and the Ju 187 was a piston engined dive bomber, not the Jet ground attack plane. also the Fritz X was first used on 29 August 1943, not 1946.Das Taub

Pirate 11:33, 28 February 2008 (UTC) Yes you're right with the helicopter. I didn't do my homework. Thanks, I'll change it. I think Messerschmidt would have been allowed to give the successor of the Me262 the designation Me362, analogous to the Me109, Me209 and Me309 series. I can't find a reference to any 362 aircraft anywhere. The Ju187 piston divebomber was never built so the name could have been given to another aircraft in theory. I am not sure how realistic this is. The FritzX of 1946 is wire-guided, so it is different from the 1943 model. I didn't make that very clear I'm afraid.

Danke. If you want to find out about the 362 Airliner, its on wikipedia under The project was dropped in 43, so its possible the number would be used elsewhere, like the failed Me 162, whose number was given to the Volksjager. Das Taub

I do not believe that there was ever an idea By the Luftwaffe to make Me 264 AWACS. the concept was still many years into the Future. No-one in the war ever had an Inkling of the concept of an AWACS Aircraft.

Pirate 21:19, 2 August 2008 (UTC) Admittedly modern AWACS aircraft use advanced radar technology that was not available then. Some sort of flying fighter control aircraft was used by the Allies though to intercept V1s. So the idea was floating around.

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