Alternative History

Population and Currency

16,918,250. Doesn't that seem like an awfully big number for a country like Ireland? Even today the whole country is only populated by about 4.2million. Even with the extension of Cornwall, The Isle of Man and Wales, could it reach this number and still sustain itself? It had serious trouble sustaining half that in the 1800's. Also, why is the currency Lire? The Púnt would make more sense. --Denten007

Ireland had 9 million inhabitants at its height in the Eve of the potato beetle famine which was in the late 1840s. This could be butterflied away by the loss of the Mexican War, though many other guys in this timeline haven't been butterflied away by the POD. Furthermore, you have to remind that ITTL the Irish Republic contains more than the island of Ireland. It also has Wales, Cornwall and Bretagne.
Precisely; my figures for the populations were including the rough actual populations of Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany. Louisiannan 23:44, 1 October 2007 (UTC)