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Changin the government

Hi. Well, there is something illogical with the Prime Minister and Prime offices. I propose to replacethem with President and Vice President for the following reasons:

  1. Well, first and the most obvious, a President is the head of state of a republic, as a prime minister is only the head of government in constitutional monarchy (and some republic since the 5th French Republic OTL). So it would make sense that the government of Quebec has a President instead of a Prime Minister.
  2. The Republic of Lower Canada (which was in OTL created by the Patriot Movement) had a President, Robert Nelson, and not a Prime Minister. 
  3. They were inspired by French and American Revolutions. And although both those country never became a republic, the American government in this timeline has a president (which someone should explain to me why president and not Prime Minister), so the Patriot probably had a President in this timeline. e
  4. They were sick of english rule, and a Prime Minister is reminescent of Biritishgovernment system.
  5. The Primes (or Provincial Prime Minister), where created with the Confederation, mainly because the French Canadians refused to have a one level government, as they would have been overrun by English Canadians (at least that's what they said). Since the French Canadians (Quebeceses) are in majority in this Timeline, they would probably have created a one level government.
  6. A Prime is like a US Governor, if you want. I doubt that the Republic of Quebec is divided enough to need those. Its probably more of a central government. 

I know, it's a lot just for a system. But it just bothered me for some reason (maybe because I'm Quebecese). Anyway, hope its okay with you!

Zamarak500 (talk) 01:24, January 26, 2016 (UTC)