Alternative History

Interesting idea. What, roughly, are the borders of this state? Was it always separate from East Germany, or did an earlier Germany split?

Details will be filled out when I develope mid 19th Century history in this ATL. However this is what I see: a different path for Prussian atempts to unify German in this ATL, gives the different German states to gravitate over three different centers: Austria, Prussia, and the Netherlands. Eventually they would develop as three separate federations: Germany (usually called East Germany) around Prussia, East Germany (around the Netherlands) and Austria.
I guess at some point, Austria losses the Balkans and other non-germanic possetions, and concentrates on the southern German states. I have not found out yet which states would join each federation.
--Chlewey 14:09, 10 Feb 2005 (GMT)

Just a comment, but wouldn't a Netherlands dominated state have Dutch (and possibly French for the Walloons) as it's sole language and not Low German? In fact the Standard Dutch language was often used as the writing language and a local Low German dialect for speaking in the regions that seem to have formed West-Germany ATL, these dialects are in fact more similar to Standard Dutch than Standard High German, it wasn't until post-Unification mass education that these regions started using modern High German. If some sort of a unification was triggered by The Netherlands I figure that these regions would nowadays be predominantly Batavophone, and the name of the county would probably be something like "(West-)Duitse statenbond". Just see what you want to do with this information and good luck with your time line ;). Villa Cruoninga 16:32, 16 June 2007 (UTC)

Wasn't this nation on NationStates before?