The Tarascan Empire is a nation in the Mundus Novus (Map Game).  

The Tarascan State was founded in 1341 by when Tariacuri united the Lake Patzcuaro region. Its name was formally changed to the Tarascan Empire in 1592 by Cazonci Pauacume III.

Tarascan Empire Flag1600

Foreign Relations

Allies Enemies Protectorates Subordinate


Aztec Empire Minyue
Miskito (Mundus Novus) Sunda
Kingdom of Maynila

Administrative Divisions:

All territory in the Continental Americas is called Iréchecua Tzintzuntzáni, or the Tarascan Mainland. It is under direct administration of the Tarascan Crown.

All holdings in Asia are divided into viceroyalties.

China Indonesia Maritime Asia
Apatzaru Sundaru Pukutapuomikua

Some lands are controlled by the West Sea Trading Company (WSTC). These are the Spice Islands, any trading post in another nation, and Taiwan.

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