Татарстан Республикасы (Tatar)
Республика Татарстан (Russian)
Republic of Tatarstan
Official languages Tatar, Russian
Capital Kazan
Largest City Kazan
Population 3,700,000
HDI 0.821 (High)
Currency Tatar Ruble (TRB)
Our Timeline Equivalent The subdivisions of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Chelyabinsk, and Kurgan, all in Russia

Tatarstan is a semi-presidential federal republic located in Northern Asia, and borderning Europe. Tatarstan was taken over by Russia in the 17th century, and did not regain independence until 1975. Over that centuries-long period, a lot of Tatarstan was Russified, and Russians settled there. As such, Orthodox Christianity is the most popular religion, though most people are atheists and Islam is still practiced by a notable minority.



66% Non-Vegetarian
34% Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

69% Tatars
27% Russians
04% others (Chuvash, etc)


64% Nonreligious
52% atheist
12% agnostic
26% Christian
25% Russian Orthodox
01% other Christian
07% Muslim
03% other


65% Tatar
32% Russian
03% other (Chuvash, etc)
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