Taua'i (Toyotomi)

Kingdom of Taua'i
Official Language Fuximian
State religion Revived Fuximian Faith
Capital Liihu'e
Land Area 1,612 kmĀ²
Currency Fuximian Momme (Mome)

The Kingdom of Taua'i is the 3rd largest kingdom in the United Kingdoms of the Fuximi Islands, and the westernmost. It consists of the two islands of Taua'i and Ni'ihau. Historically, it has been the least integrated, being the only kingdom not to be an original member. It is also the most traditional. While Buddhism has become established, a revived form of the traditional faith has also come to grow in popularity, encouraged by the government, which has made it an official religion alongside Buddhism. The revived faith is considerably different from the old religion, placing far less emphasis on the tapu (religious bans).

Taua'i is the only kingdom not to have come under attack by King Kamehameha I of Hawai'i in his failed attempt to unify the islands.

Like all of the United Kingdoms, Taua'i has freedom of religion.

The King of Taua'i retains more power than his counterparts in the other kingdoms.

Taua'i is notable for its dialect of Fuximian, which, among other differences, uses /t/ for the standard /k/. Thus, in the other kingdoms, Taua'i is commonly known as Kaua'i.

In 1821, King Kalanikupule of O'ahu and Maui died without an heir, and King Taumu-alii I claimed the throne, being related to Kalanikupule. From that point until 1849, the three kingdoms would remain in personal union.

Partial List of Kings

  • 17??-17?? Tawelo-leimatua Tawelo-a-Maihuna-alii (19th King of Taua'i)
  • 17??-1730 Tualii (also King of O'ahu
  • 1730-1737 Tapiono-o-talani (also King of O'ahu)
  • 1737-1770 Peleioholani (also King of O'ahu from 1738)
  • 1770-1794 Tamata-he-lei
  • 1794-1824 Taumu-alii I (also King of O'ahu and Maui from 1821)
  • 1824-1826 Taumu-alii II (also King of O'ahu and Maui)
  • 1826-1849 Teali'iahonui (also King of O'ahu and Maui)


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