The continent of Tawantiland stretches from the tropical shores of the Carib Sea to the icy wastes of Okwessonland. The dense jungle interior is still mostly unexplored and the borders that cartographers draw on the map mean little on the ground.

Vinlanders first came into contact with the people of Tawantinland during the 1140s. Although it was probably the Chimila that they first came into contact with the Tawantin came to dominate the trade of the continent to such a large extent that many in the Leifian north assumed that they were the only people there.

Tawantinsuyu eagerly absorbed the new technologies that were filtering down from the North and by the mid 1400s were conquering their neighbours with brutal efficiency. They reached the height of their domination of continent by around 1600 before a series of long civil wars allowed the east to break away and splinter into various warring states. These days however, all of the sovereign nations are allied to Tawantinsuyu directly and most provide it with military service.

The continent is sometimes nicknamed the 'Friendly Continent' as most of the nations have long histories of peacefulness and friendliness to visitors, even though their own internal relations are less than friendly.

Tawantinland Nations
Country Capital Flag Current Head of State
Tawantinsuyu Cusco Flag of Tawantinsuyu (The Kalmar Union).svg Emperor Yáhuar IV Cápac
Guyana (United Netherlands) Yaracuystadt Flag of Guyana (The Kalmar Union).svg Queen Charlotta
Tupinambana Flag of Tupinambana.svg
Tremembeland Flag of Tremembeland
Potiguaraland Ceará Flag of Potiguaraland King Aimberê VII
Tijucoland Flag of Tijucoland
Nac-Nanukland 23px
Abasuyu 23px
Tamoioland Guaibimpáraitaq Flag of Tamoioland
Lulesuyu 23px
Tupiniquimsuyu Meiembipe Flag of Tupiniquimsuyu (The Kalmar Union) King Nheçu IV
Calchaquisuyu Saujil Flag of Calchaquisuyu.svg Prince Ay
Carijosuyu 23px
Charrasuyu Tabar Flag of Charruasuyu.svg King Pirú III
Araucania Lienturke Flag of Araucania.svg King Michima III
Alkafuglaeyjar (Vinland) Austurfjordinn Flag of Alkafuglaeyjar.svg Queen Kristjana IX
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