Telegrafny Ruchey
Телеграфный Ручей
Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: Telegraph Creek
Map of Telegrafny Ruchey
Telegrafny Ruchey
Country Flag of Alaska (Russian America).svg Alaska
Governorate Flag of Sitka (Russian America).svg Sitka
Uyezd Telegrafnorucheysky Uyezd
Russian (de facto)
  others Finnish, Norwegian, Tahltan
Eastern Orthodox
  others Buddhists, Lutherans
Ethnic groups
Finns and Russians
  others English, Norwegians, Tahltan
Founded 1860s
Incorporated 1900s
Population >50,000
Time zone SAT (UTC-9)
  summer SAST (UTC-8)

Telegrafny Ruchey (Russian: Телеграфный Ручей, lit. telegraph creek) is a city located in southeastern Sitka. It is the most populated city in the governorate.

The area of the Upper Stakhin was originally inhabited by the Tahltan people. Aside from fur trading, the region remained untouched by European expansion. This ended in the 1860s with the discovery of gold. The city began as a settlement along the Russian-American Telegraph line. The settlement was named after the nearby stream, which was named after the telegraph line. By the 1900s, the city became of the railway hubs connecting the northern Alaska with the south.

During the Alaskan Wars, Telegrafny Ruchey became a manufacturing and mining hub for the New Archangel government, even surpassing Alekseyevka in population and regional prowess. This would end in the postbellum period, but the city would remain a manufacturing center.

Beginning in 1978, the Deloryan Motor Company opened their manufacturing facility in Telegrafny Ruchey. Deloryan continues to be the primary source of employment for the city.

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