Timeline: [[{{{Timeline}}}]]

OTL equivalent: {{{otl}}}
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of {{{name_short}}}
[[Image:{{{map}}}|220px|Map of {{{name_short}}}]]
Map of {{{name_short}}}

Motto: {{{motto}}}
({{{motto_lang}}}: {{{motto_en}}})

Country {{{country}}}
State {{{state}}}
Province {{{province}}}
District {{{district}}}
  others {{{language_other}}}
  others {{{religion_other}}}
Ethnic groups
  others {{{ethnic_other}}}
Demonym {{{demonym}}}
Founded {{{founded}}}
Incorporated {{{incorporated}}}
Mayor {{{mayor}}}
Area {{{area}}} km²
Population {{{population}}}  
Time zone {{{time_zone}}}
  summer {{{summer_time}}}

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used to help describe a city. It has been written to accommodate any and all possibilities of nations.
Type {{City infobox|...}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below. The following is a full list of the infobox. If any of these are missing from the infobox, than they will not be included into the box.
{{City infobox
| name = <!--Name of the city in native language (defaults to name of the page)-->
| name_en = <!--Name of the nation in English (if {{{name}}} is not English)-->
| name_short = <!--Short name of the city-->
| Timeline = <!--The timeline in which this city is part of (automatically comes with linking)-->
| otl = <!--The city's equivalent in our timeline (OTL)-->
| of = <!--Used to give a more gramatical liason between Flag, CoA, etc. (defaults to "of")-->
| flag = <!--File of the flag-->
| coa = <!--File of the Coat of Arms (CoA)-->
| map = <!--File of a map-->
| map_caption = <!--Caption under the map-->
| motto = <!--National motto of the nation-->
| motto_lang = <!--Language of which the national motto is from-->
| motto_en = <!--English translation of the motto (if needed)-->
| country = <!--Country that city resides-->
| state_tag = <!--Name of national subdivision-->
| state = <!--Subdivision that city resides-->
| district_tag = <!--Name of subnational districts-->
| district = <!--District that city resides-->
| founded = <!--Date of founding-->
| incorporated = <!--Date of incorporation-->
| mayor = <!--Name of city leader-->
| area = <!--Area of city-->
| population = <!--Population of city-->
| population_unit = <!--Population units-->
| language = <!--Official languages-->
| language_other = <!--Other languages-->
| religion = <!--Common religions-->
| religion_other = <!--Other religions-->
| ethnic_group = <!--Major ethnic groups-->
| ethnic_other = <!--Other ethnic groups-->
| time_zone = <!--Standard time of the city-->
| summer_time = <!--Summer time of the city-->

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