Washington Shot at Murdering Town!

Death braddock

The death of George Washington

Young Major George Washington was executing his first important mission under Virginia's Governor Dinwiddie. French troops were said to be building forts west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which the Governor knew to be within Britain's territory. Washington was in command of a small group which was to travel through the inhospitable region and deliver a note to the French. These were essentially the first written words leading to the Seven Years War (The French and Indian War). Having exhausted his horses, Washington and his companions continued on foot through the snow. They reached a village called Murdering Town. The first inhabitant they encountered shot at them at point-blank range. In our timeline neither Washington nor Christopher Ghist was hit. But what if Major Washington was shot there beside the Monongahela?

WSMT World Map2 (2006)

A map from the mid 20th-Century.

This timeline explores an America that develops without its greatest Founding Father. The farthest-reaching consequences are in a different British Empire, a lack of sovereign Nations in the New World, and a recoil against the liberal ideals created by intellectuals in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, most nations are still directed by large imperial blocs. The values of man have changed: he has come to see the value in lasting security rather than the vague concept of "freedom" associated with old liberal philosophers. The theme is not about famous hinge points changing the world, but the lesson that ideas, nations and individuals are at a crossroads; the activities of all people are linked.

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