Napoleon's World
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Instead of invading Russia in the winter of 1812, Napoleon Bonaparte falls ill and stations his Grand Army in Borodino and Smolensk. That following spring, he launches an invasion of Russia, defeating the Russian army at Petrograd, where Czar Alexander perishes. The 'Imperial Wars' end shortly thereafter following the Forty Days Campaign to defeat the British, and Napoleon spends the next twenty years consolidating the Empire before his transference of power to his son, Napoleon II in 1832 and his death in 1844. The French Empire would continue to assimilate Europe and engaged the United States of America in the 20th century in a Cold War. Today, the French Empire is the world's superpower, competing only with the rival military powers of America and China.

Much of this Alternate History focuses on what the modern world is like politically, economically, and culturally - attention is given equally to political events as it is to significant sports moments and film and literature. The 20th century is the main focal point of Napoleon's World, although the 19th century is when the POD occurs.

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