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The Kalmar Union

Point of Divergence

Norway: 934 AD.

Harald I Fairhair has been dead for four years. His son and appointed successor Eirik I Bloodaxe has done little to endear himself to either of his brothers, Olaf Gierstadalf and Haakon, or his high lords still clinging to power in their respective lands. Olaf holds the East with support from local rulers; Eirik, the West. At the Battle of Haugar the brothers clashed...

Defeated, Eirik flees over the North Sea to his kinsmen in Jorvik to rebuild his support. Haakon takes Eirik's share of Norway and almost instantly falls out with Olaf and the Earls of Lade and More to the North. The breakdown of the kingdom into 3 warring states creates havoc as the half-brothers and their successors continually fight for the crown. This violence slowly spills out into the neighbouring kingdoms, strengthening some, dividing others. In Britannia Eirik's presence in Jorvik keeps the Norse in Ireland and Man on their toes, and the rulers of Wessex and their uneasy vassals in the Danelaw prepare to crush Jorvik's independence.

To the West the newly discovered Iceland is becoming a haven for those fleeing the chaos of Norway and Britannia. But it is filling up rapidly and many are searching for further lands to settle and farm.

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