CV Europe map 1919

The Central Victory timeline tells the story of the world after the Central Powers of the First World War win. The world enters a similar time. Only now great empires remain in Europe and new ideas began to rapidly spread. The ideals of Fascism, and Communism. The world was a dark place and a Second World War broke out. No war had ever been like it, and never since. The Central Powers, renamed the Axis Powers, were once again victorious. But at a price, nations and peoples still under colonial rule, or puppet regimes that the people do not trust or want. Europe became dominated by Germany, Asia by Japan, Russia a puppet and Africa was carved up by colonialism from Europe. Afterwards, the cold war between the United States and the German Empire placed the world on high alert 24/7. Would World War III start? Would one side collapse? Or would something unexpected occur? Only time would tell.

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