Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template may be used to hide information and to have it viewable when needed.
Type {{Hidden|...}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below. The following is a full list of the infobox. If any of these are missing from the infobox, than they will not be included into the box.
| headerstyle = <!--Parameters for the header (optional)-->
| ta1 = <!--Position of header title (defaults to left)-->
| header = <!--Header title-->
| contentstyle = <!--Parameters for the content (defaults to transparent)-->
| ta2 = <!--Position of hidden content (defaults to left)-->
| content = <!--Content wished to be hidden-->

A simplified version may be used by using the following syntax:

{{hidden|<!--Header title-->|<!--Content wished to be hidden-->}}

In order to change the color of the background, you will have to add the following code to the syntax:

| contentstyle = background:<!--Color desired-->

Visit Template:Hidden/doc to edit this text! (How does this work?)
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