Casualties and Losses



Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used to help give basic date on a specific war or conflict. It has been written to accommodate any and all possibilities.
Type {{Infobox War|...}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below. The following is a full list of the infobox. If any of these are missing from the infobox, than they will not be included into the box.
{{Infobox War
| previous = <!--Previous conflict-->
| conc = <!--Concurrent conflict-->
| next = <!--Following conflict-->
| name = <!--Name of the war-->
| image = <!--File name-->
| begin = <!--Date of war's start-->
| end = <!--Date of war's end-->
| place = <!--Location of the war-->
| result = <!--Results of the war-->
| battles = <!--Noted battles of the war-->
| side1 = <!--Side 1 (usually winning side) of the war-->
| side2 = <!--Side 2 (usually losing side) of the war-->
| commanders1 = <!--Commanders of side 1-->
| commanders2 = <!--Commanders of side 2-->
| side1strength = <!--Number of soldiers on side 1-->
| side2strength = <!--Number of soldiers on side 2-->
| side1casualties = <!--Number of casualties on side 1-->
| side2casualties = <!--Number of casualties on side 2-->

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