This template is used to show an article which has become obsolete from their associated timelines. The difference between an obsolete page and a page that is to be deleted depends primarily on the information. In this case, an obsolete page contains hard work and information that may be remain vital to the timeline.
Type {{Obsolete|...}} on the very top of the article or section you wish to inform is under construction. You may add the following syntax:
{{Under Construction
| timeline = <!--name of the timeline in which the article is part of-->
| title = <!--name of the exact region that is under construction. Defaults to "article"-->

All of the mentioned syntax is completely optional, and will not affect the template unless written into the syntax.


Pages tagged with this template will automatically be added to Category:Obsolete. If the timeline is made mention in the syntax (as mentioned above), Category:Obsolete (Timeline Name) will be added.

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