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Second Russo-Turkish War

See Second Russo-Turkish War (Alternate Imperialism)

Flag of Russia

The Second Russo-Turkish War was a conflict involving the Russian and Austrian Empires against the Ottomans. The war began in 1787 in an attempt by the Ottomans to reclaim lost territory that was taken thirteen years earlier in the First Russo-Turkish War. In 1783 Russia officially annexed the Crimean Khanate, furiously angering the Ottomans who believed this to be an infringement of the Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca. The Russians refused all demands from the Sultan to stand down, backed by their Austrian allies.

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Battle of the Great Belt

See Battle of the Great Belt (Alternate Imperialism)

800px-Bundesflotte 1849

In July 1838 war between Denmark and Germany was declared. Following an invasion of all of Jutland it appeared that Germany would occupy all of Denmark, defeating the Danish at the Siege of Kiel and the Battle of Sønderborg. Admiral Nugent’s forces were separated, surrounding entrance of the Great Belt. On the morning of 19 April, Nugent regroup with his right flank and entered German controlled waters. The German navy, a band of navies from several former German states was just recently reformed by Prince Adalbert. If not for his naval experience the German navy would never have gotten afloat. Under his command a large force was ordered off the coast of Jutland to provide support for the German land forces.

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Great Britain

See Great Britain (Alternate Imperialism)

Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (1837-1952)

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland is a sovereign state located within the British Isles, known also as the United Kingdom. The nation first came into being on 1 January 1499 with the finalizing of the Treaty of Londinium, uniting the three kingdoms of Britannia, Scotland, and Man. The nations roots trace back to the founding of the Kingdom of Britannia and her first king, the Roman general Constantine I, who declared the British Isles independent in 411 AD.


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Margrethe II
Queen of Denmark
Queen Magrethe sep 7 2005.png
Reign 14 January 1972 – present
(48 years)
Born 16 April, 1940 (1940-04-16) (age 80)
Birthplace Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen
Predecessor Frederick IX
Heir-Apparent Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark
Consort Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark
Offspring Frederik, Joachim
Royal House House of Glücksburg
Royal motto Guds hjælp, Folkets kærlighed, Danmarks styrke
(The Help of God, the Love of the People, the Strength of Denmark)
Father Frederick IX
Mother Ingrid of Sweden




Kingdom of Britannia

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
British Constitution

Constitution of Britannia

Treaty of Londinium
Ordinary magistrates



Extraordinary magistrates

Magister Equitum

Magister militum
Princeps senatus





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