Waynesboro is a small city-state located in the former state of Tennessee.

Republic of Wanyesboro
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Wanyesboro, Tennessee
Flag of Wanyesboro
Location of Wanyesboro
Capital Wanyesboro
Largest city Wanyesboro
Language English
Government Republic
Mayor Mark Collie
Area 10 sq mi km²
Population 3,150 (est) 
Currency Barter, American Dollar



Waynesboro was a city in and the county seat of Wayne County, Tennessee, United States before Doomsday.


Waynesboro was located 105 miles from Nashville, and 135 miles from Memphis, both targets on Doomsday. Some refugees from the suburbs made it to Waynesboro but many could not make the over 100 mile trek to Waynesboro and settled in other surviving communities. This prevented Waynesboro from becoming overwhelmed in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.

In September and October of 1983, several towns in the mid-south region along the Tennessee/Alabama/Mississippi borders banded together for survival in the new post doomsday environment.

Birth of A New Confederacy

Building off the An attempt was made to form a new "non-racist" Confederate States of America in 1985 with the nearby communities of Adamsville, Corinth, Florence, Muscle Shoals, Savannah, Shiloh, Waterloo and Waynesboro. While initially successful the city-states could not agree on a new constitution leaving their government to be run by the loose treaty signed in 1985. Soon regional interests drove a wedge in the new Confederacy. Waynesboro finally decided it was best for their citizens to be independent. On August 13th 1997 Waynesboro became the first state to secede from the young Confederacy. by the end of 1999 the CSA had ceased to exist.

Modern Times

Foreign Relations

Waynesboro still trades with some of its fellow former CSA members. They have also had contact with Kentucky, Virginia, Piedmont, Blue Ridge and East Tennessee.

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