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Tennis is a racket sport, which started in 1859 as lawn tennis as it started to spread through the upper-class English-speaking population before spreading all around the world. The governing body is the International Tennis Federation.

The first tournament of the post-doomsday era was held in 2012, and was open to Cleveland - the host - Northumbia, the Celtic Alliance and other European survivor states so that it could work to expand the sport back into its pre-doomsday form.





2012 Mixed Tournament

Order of Play


Day 1: Team GS Matchday 1
Day 2: Team GS Matchday 2
Day 3: Team GS Matchday 3
Day 4: Team Quarter Finals
Day 5: Team Semi Finals
Day 6: Team Finals

2012 Tournament

Group A

Southern England (2-1) (7-2)

Argentina (0-3) (1-8)

Genoa (2-1) (5-4)

Prussia (2-1) (4-5)

Group B





Group C

Celtic Alliance




Group D

Alpine Confederation


North Germany

Greek Federation

Singles / Doubles

Day 1: Round of 32 (Top Half) (Singles)
Day 2: Round of 32 (Bottom Half) (Singles)
Day 3: Round of 16 (Top Half) (All 5)
Day 4: Round of 16 (Bottom Half) (All 5)
Day 5: Quarter Finals (Womens Singles, Mens Doubles)
Day 6: Quarter Finals (Mens Singles, Womens Doubles, Mixed Doubles)
Day 7: Semi Finals (All 5)
Day 8: Finals (All 5)

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