This page lists territories, colonies and provinces of nations with the Night of the Living Alternate History map game.

United States

Flag Name Capital Type Date Established OTL Location Infection Status Leader Area (Sq Mi)
District of Columbia Washington Capital District July 16, 1790 District of Columbia Clear
Delaware Dover State December 7, 1787 Delaware Clear
New Jersey Trenton State December 18, 1787 New Jersey Clear
Maryland Annapolis State April 28, 1788 Maryland Clear
Virginia Richmond State June 25, 1788 Virginia Clear
West Virginia Charleston State June 20, 1863 West Virginia Clear
North Carolina Raleigh State November 21, 1789 North Carolina Clear
South Carolina Columbia State May 23, 1788 South Carolina Clear
Georgia Atlanta State January 2, 1788 Georgia Clear
Kentucky Frankfort State June 1, 1792 Kentucky Clear
Indiana Indianapolis State December 11, 1816 Indiana Clear
Michigan Lansing State January 26, 1837 Michigan Clear
Occupied Midwest Territory Nashville Territory 1970 Illnios, Kentucky, Tennessee, Wisconsin Scarce
Agricultural Delta Memphis Territory 1970 Mississippi, Alabama Scarce
Alaska Juneau Puppet State January 3, 1959 Alaska Clear, At risk
Chicago Chicago Puppet State December 3, 1818 Illinois Moderately infected
Brighton Brighton, Fort Kennedy Occupied City State 1971 Brighton, England Clear, Scarce
South Downs Highway Crawley Occupied Zone 1971 Southern England Lightly Infected
London Occupied Zone Kings College Hospital Occupied Zone 1971 London, England Scarce


Flag Name Capital Type Date Established OTL Location Infection Status Leader Area (Sq Mi)
Ontario Toronto Province July 1, 1867 Ontario Clear
Quebec Quebec City Province July 1, 1867 Quebec Clear
New Brunswick Fredericton Province July 1, 1867 New Brunswick Clear
Manitoba Winnipeg Province July 15, 1870 Manitoba Scarce
British Columbia Victoria Province July 20, 1871 British Columbia Lightly Infected
Saskatchewan Regina Province September 1, 1905 Saskatchewan Infected
Alberta Edmonton Province September 1, 1905 Alberta Infected
Labrador St. John's Province March 31, 1949 Labrador Clear
Northwest Territories Yellowknife Territory July 15, 1870 Northwest Territories Lightly Infected
Yukon Whitehorse Territory June 13, 1898 Yukon Clear, At risk
Nunavut Iqaluit Territory April 1, 1999 Nunavut Clear, At risk


Flag Name Capital Type Date Established OTL Location Infection Status Leader Area (Sq Mi)
Nova Scotia Halifax Capital Province Nova Scotia Clear
Prince Edward Island Province Prince Edward Island Clear
Newfoundland Province Newfoundland Clear


Flag Name Capital Type Date Established OTL Location Infection Status Leader Area (Sq Mi)
Ankara Ankara Capital Province Ankara Clear
Van Province Very Lightly Infected
Istanbul Istanbul Province Istanbul Clear
Eskisiher Eskisiher Province Eskisiher Clear
Hakkari Province Hakkari Very Lightly Infected
Yozgat Province Yozgat Clear
Izmir Izmir Province Izmir Clear
Sivas Province Sivas Clear
Antalya Province Antalya Clear
Samsun Samsun Province Samsun Clear


Prefecture Japanese Capital Region Infection Status Leader
Flag of Aichi Prefecture Aichi 愛知県 Nagoya Chūbu Clear
Flag of Akita Prefecture Akita 秋田県 Akita Tōhoku Clear
25px Aomori 青森県 Aomori Tōhoku Clear
25px Chiba 千葉県 Chiba Kantō Clear
Flag of Ehime Prefecture Ehime 愛媛県 Matsuyama Shikoku Clear
25px Fukui 福井県 Fukui Chūbu Clear
Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka 福岡県 Fukuoka Kyushu Clear
25px Fukushima 福島県 Fukushima Tōhoku Clear
25px Gifu 岐阜県 Gifu Chūbu Clear
25px Gunma 群馬県 Maebashi Kantō Clear
Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture Hiroshima 広島県 Hiroshima Chūgoku Clear
Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture Hokkaido 北海道 Sapporo Hokkaido Clear
Flag of Hyogo Prefecture Hyōgo 兵庫県 Kobe Kansai Clear
25px Ibaraki 茨城県 Mito Kantō Clear
25px Ishikawa 石川県 Kanazawa Chūbu Clear
25px Iwate 岩手県 Morioka Tōhoku Clear
25px Kagawa 香川県 Takamatsu Shikoku Clear
25px Kagoshima 鹿児島県 Kagoshima Kyushu Clear
25px Kanagawa 神奈川県 Yokohama Kantō Clear
Flag of Kochi Prefecture Kōchi 高知県 Kōchi Shikoku Clear
25px Kumamoto 熊本県 Kumamoto Kyushu Clear
Flag of Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto 京都府 Kyoto Kansai Clear
25px Mie 三重県 Tsu Kansai Clear
Flag of Miyagi Prefecture Miyagi 宮城県 Sendai Tōhoku Clear
25px Miyazaki 宮崎県 Miyazaki Kyushu Clear
Flag of Nagano Prefecture Nagano 長野県 Nagano Chūbu Clear
25px Nagasaki 長崎県 Nagasaki Kyushu Clear
25px Nara 奈良県 Nara Kansai Clear
25px Niigata 新潟県 Niigata Chūbu Clear
25px Ōita 大分県 Ōita Kyushu Clear
25px Okayama 岡山県 Okayama Chūgoku Clear
25px Okinawa 沖縄県 Naha Kyushu Clear
25px Osaka 大阪府 Osaka Kansai Clear
Flag of Saga Prefecture Saga 佐賀県 Saga Kyushu Clear
25px Saitama 埼玉県 Saitama Kantō Clear
25px Shiga 滋賀県 Otsu Kansai Clear
25px Shimane 島根県 Matsue Chūgoku Clear
25px Shizuoka 静岡県 Shizuoka Chūbu Clear
25px Tochigi 栃木県 Utsunomiya Kantō Clear
25px Tokushima 徳島県 Tokushima Shikoku Clear
Flag of Tokyo Prefecture Tokyo 東京都 Shinjuku Kantō Clear
25px Tottori 鳥取県 Tottori Chūgoku Clear
25px Toyama 富山県 Toyama Chūbu Clear
25px Wakayama 和歌山県 Wakayama Kansai Clear
25px Yamagata 山形県 Yamagata Tōhoku Clear
25px Yamaguchi 山口県 Yamaguchi Chūgoku Clear
25px Yamanashi 山梨県 Kōfu Chūbu Clear

Northwest Federation

Flag Name Capital Type Date Established OTL Location Infection Status Leader Area (Sq Mi)
Oregon Salem Province February 14, 1859 Oregon Clear, Scarce Tom McCall
Washington Olympia Province November 11, 1889 Washington Clear, Scarse Evans
Idaho Boise Province July 3, 1890 Idaho Moderate Cecil Andrus

Republica Argentina Providences, Territories, and Claims

Status of states as of 1973.75 Infection Status as of 1973.5

Flag Name Capital Type Date Established OTL Location Infection Status Leader Area (Sq Mi)
Cuidad Autonoma de Buenos Aires Seat of National Government Autonomous City Autonomous City of Buenos Aires Moderately Infected
Cuidad Autonoma de Comodoro Rivadavia  Provisional Seat of National Government Autonomous City January 4, 1970 City of Comodoro Rivadavia Clear, Blockaded
Buenos Aires La Plata Providence Buenos Aires Province Moderately Infected
Catamarca San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca Providence Catamarca Province Moderately Infected
Chaco Resistencia Providence Chaco Province Severely Infected
Chubut Rawson Providence Chubut Province Clean
Córdoba Córdoba Providence Córdoba Province Severely Infected
Corrientes Corrientes Providence Corrientes Province Severely Infected
Entre Ríos Paraná Providence Entre Ríos Province Severely Infected
Formosa Formosa Providence Formosa Province Severely Infected
Jujuy San Salvador de Jujuy Providence Jujuy Province Lightly Infected
La Pampa Santa Rosa Providence La Pampa Province Clean, At Risk
La Rioja La Rioja Providence La Rioja Province Lightly Infected
Mendoza Mendoza Providence Mendoza Province Lightly Infected
Misiones Posadas Providence Misiones Province Inhabitable
Neuquen Neuquén Providence Neuquen Province Clean
Río Negro Viedma Providence Río Negro Province Clean, At Risk
Salta Salta Providence Salta Province Lightly/Moderately Infected, At Risk
San Juan San Juan City Providence San Juan Province Lightly Infected, At Risk
San Luis San Luis Providence San Luis Province Moderately Infected, At Risk
Santa Cruz Río Gallegos Providence Santa Cruz Province Clean
Santa Fe Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz Providence Santa Fe Province Severely Infected
Santiago del Estero Santiago del Estero Providence Santiago del Estero Province Severely Infected
Tucumán San Miguel de Tucumán Providence Tucumán Province Moderately/Severely Infected
Tierra del Fuego Ushuaia Territory 1973  Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego and surrounding Archipelago Clean
Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands) Former Claimed Territory/Member of United Republics (1973) 1973 - Independence Falkland Islands Clean
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Claimed Territory/ Research and Climate Observation Stations South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Clean
South Shetland Islands Claimed Territory/ Permanent and Seasonal Research Stations and Bases South Shetland Islands Clean

Antartida Argentina

and Surrounding islands 

Maramibo Base and Airport  Claimed Territory/ Permanent Bases / Seasonal Research Stations and Facilites 1973 Antarctica from 20W to 90W  Clean 965,597 km2
Orcadas Islands/South Orkney Islands Orcadas Bases Claimed Territory/Permanent Research Facility (1903)/ Naval Base (1904) South Orkney Islands Clear

Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand

Flag Name Capital Type Established OTL Location Infection Status
50px Victoria Melbourne State Victoria (Australia) Clear
50px New South Wales Sydney State New South Wales (Australia) Clear
Flag of Western Australia Western Australia Perth State Western Australia (Australia) Clear
50px South Australia Adelaide State South Australia (Australia) Clear
50px Queensland Brisbane State Queensland (Australia) Clear
50px Northern Australia Darwin State Northern Australia (Australia)
Flag of Tasmania Tasmania Hobart State Tasmania (Australia)
Flag of the Territory of Papua  New Guniea Port Moreseby State Island of Guinea
NotLAH CANZ Fiji Ensign Fiji Suva State Fiji
CANZ Vanuatu Ensign Vanuatu Port Vila State Vanuatu
CANZ Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Honiara Vassal Solomon Islands

Northern California

Flag Name Capital Type Established OTL Location Infection Status
Butte-Plumas Quincy Province 7 June 1981 Butte, Plumas counites Clear, Scarce
Humboldt Eureka Province 15 May 1969 Humboldt, Trinity counties Clear, Scarce
Lassen Susanville Province 15 May 1969 Lassen county Clear, Scarse
Modoc Alturas Province 15 May 1969 Modoc county Clear, Scarse
Shasta-Tehama Redding Province 15 May 1969 Shasta, Tehama counties Clear
Siskiyou Crescent City Province 15 May 1969 Siskiyou,Del Norte counties Clear
Channel Islands Avalon Province 27 February 1986 Channel Islands Moderate
Desert Republic South Lake Tahoe

Military Protectorate

3 April 1984 Alpine,Mono counties Moderate
Los Angeles Los Angeles

Military Protectorate

3 January 1990 Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange counties minus Channel Islands Moderately/Severely Infected, at risk
Salton flag NotLAH Salton Cathedral City

Client state

3 January 1991 Baja California Norte, southernmost parts of U.S. state of California Moderately/Severely Infected, at risk
Mendocino Ukiah


17 January 1994 Mendocino County Clear, Scarse
Stockton Stockton


17 January 1994 San Jouaquin, Stanislaus, Merced counties plus parts of Amador, Calaveras, Tuolumne, and Mariposa counties Clear, Scarse
Sutter Yuba City


17 January 1994 Glenn, Colusa, Lake, Sutter counties plus part of Yuba and Placer counties Clear, Scarse
Oakland Oakland


17 January 1994 Contra Costa, Alameda counties Clear, Scarse
Monterrey Salinas


17 January 1994 San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Benito, Monterret counties Clear, Scarse
Sonoma Santa Rosa


17 January 1994 Sonoma, Marin counties Clear, Scarse
San Francisco San Francisco

Autonomous City

17 January 1994 City of San Francisco Clear, Scarse

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