1968 - Tet is regarded as a US victory in Vietnam by the media, and American fortunes in the war turn around as a result. As a result, this bolsters US morale, and they begin to go on the offensive. The Media begin to report more on US victories. After several terrorist attacks in Da Nang that have been linked to Hanoi, the USA begin to clamp down on the VC. Meanwhile, LBJ wins a second term against Richard Nixon.

1969 - The USA begin Operation Jungle Cyclone with South Vietnam - The invasion of North Vietnam.

1970 - By now, the South Vietnamese are pushing into Hanoi.

1971 - Jane Fonda is arrested for Treason.

1972 - The Vietnam war is over, with the south winning and Vietnam being reunified. Meanwhile, the United States begins learning lessons from Vietnam and focusing on guerrilla warfare. That November, Ronald Reagan wins the presidential election over Hubert Humphrey.

1976 - Reagan wins a second term in a landslide over Mo Udall.

1979 - Terrorists seize the US Embassy in Tehran.

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