Republic of Texas
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OTL equivalent: Texas, eastern New Mexico
Flag of Texas State Arms of Texas
Flag Coat of Arms
NotLAH USwest 1984
Texas in green

Texas, One and Indivisible (English)

Capital Austin
Largest city Houston
Other cities San Antonio, Dallas, Roswell, El Paso, etc.
English (de facto)
  others Spanish, German, etc.
  others Catholicism, other forms of Christianity, etc.
Ethnic Groups
  others Hispanics, African-Texans, etc.
Demonym Texan, Texano
Government Constitutional presidential republic
  legislature Texas Legislature
President Ramsey Muñiz
Vice President vacant
Population 9,221,151 (1980 estimate) 
Independence from the United States
  declared May 1, 1969
Currency Texas Dollar ($)
Organizations ISAF (formerly)

The Republic of Texas, formerly the State of Texas and commonly called just Texas, was located in the area of the first outbreak of the Zombie virus. As such, it has been one of the most affected areas. On May 1, 1969, what remained of the state seceded, creating the modern republic. Following a civil war, the government pursued aggressive expansion, leading to a border war with the surrounding micro-states. Due to guerrilla tactics used by the micro-states, Texas lost the war. This led to the growth of a far-right, xenophobic group that became the Know-Nothing Party (KNP). Conflicts between the anti-Hispanic KNP and President Ramsey Muñiz continue, the most prominent of which was Duke's Revolt, led by presidential candidate David Duke.



The original Republic of Texas lasted from 1836 to 1846. It gained independence from Mexico before being annexed by the United States ten years later. The annexation led to the Mexican-American War, where Mexican ceded much of its land and recognized Texas as independent. Texas would later secede from the U.S. and join the Confederate States of America in the American Civil War.

Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Lyndon B. Johnson were both born in Texas.


The infamous scientists that started the disaster lived and worked in Arizona. Thus, the virus very quickly spread to Texas. By March 6, 1969, there were cases popping up in western counties. By early April, the state was becoming overwhelmed. On April 14, Texas declared a state of emergency. It got so bad that the state seceded and form a second Republic of Texas on May 1.

The early republic was plagued by troubles. Preston Smith authorized a series of laws (the Anti-Zombie Acts) hoping to aid in the elimination of the Zombie menace. He declared cities like El Paso and San Angelo 'Dead Zones' to be evacuated and abandoned. However, evacuating the Dead Zones proved to be a fatal mistake. An outbreak broke out in major cities, infecting and killing thousands. They weren't heard from until 1976. The situation was grim. They had gotten things under control, but the population had shrunk to an estimated eight million residents. Not only that, but poor Hispanic conscripts, saying that they were being used as cannon fodder, formed a new group: Libertad.

Civil War


Modern Day


Texas is divided into 252 counties, though there are plans to reorganize them in 1990. There is also one territory and a protectorate: the West Texas Territory and Paso del Norte.


While there is a strong sense of Texas nationalism, the American flag is often flown alongside the Texan flag, especially among the Unionists.

Star Wars

During the time of Libertad, the movie Star Wars was created and released. Star Wars was heavily edited by the government in an attempt to turn it into propaganda. Several scenes (such as the history lesson at the Jedi Academy) were blatantly dubbed over to "better promote Texan values". This backfired, as Libertad leaders compared Congress to the fascist Empire and Barnes to Darth Vader. The original film became an underground cult classic and is still screened in Hispanic theaters to this day.

International Relations


Texas is a former member of ISAF, having joined in early 1979. However, following the civil war and the beginning of the expansionist period, they left the organization and cut all ties with member states, particularly the United States. In recent years, though, the relationship between the nations has improved.


Texas is part of the Permanent Council of the United League of Nations as a representative of North America. Texas plays a large role in the ULNOOSA, the outer space department of the ULN.


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