The Adventures of Young Joe
Directed by Alexander Boumeester
Written by Alexander Boumeester
Starring Ernst van Doomelen

Annie de Waart
Themba Dikotsi

Jan van der Pers
Studio Kaap Film Maatskaapy
Country New Netherlands
Language Dutch & Xhosa subtitles

The Adventures of Young Joe is a widely popular serial from the New Netherlands. It has so far run to 8 episodes with a new part appearing every month or so.

The plot revolves around Old Joe (Jan van der Pers) who tells his son, 'Young' Joe (Ernst van Doomelen) about a treasure he heard of from a drunk in a Kaapstad bar. However many others heard the same drunk's talk and in the race to reach the treasure they attempt to stop the progress of their competitors leading to frequent. Young Joe and his father are accompanied on their quest by Young Joe's girlfriend; Helen (Annie de Waart), and his close friend Mangosuthu (Themba Dikotsi).

The end of each episode has ended in a dramatic way with one of the principle actors in a precarious situation which is only resolved in the following episode - some are already calling any suspenseful and apparently hopeless situation a 'lion's-lair' reflecting the end of the third episode in which Helen seemed certain to be eaten by a lion.

Although is remains most popular with its home audience and indeed with the USSA thanks to the prominent role of Young Joe's friend Mangosuthu, it is also popular in the other Luxembourg territories. European audiences have also warmed to the humour, thrills, wild animals and exotic locations. It has also begun to influence other studios in Europe and Leifia who have seen the potential of serials and are looking to replicate its popularity and sensationality.

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