Alternative History

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Alliances in Europe immediately prior to WW1.

In this timeline Queen Victoria's sons die of either from the service in the military or from haemophilia.

While Victoria was dying Princess Victoria, her heir, went to her bedside and stayed by it most days. She was joined by her son Wilhelm II, the Emperor of Germany.

The public was touched by this act of kindness and love by Wilhelm and he became something of a hero after Queen Victoria's death. Princess Victoria was then crowned Queen Victoria II - but she only survived seven months due to her breast cancer.

Due to the popularity of Wilhelm II the population called for him to be placed as the British monarch, along with his current position on the German throne. He made no objections to this, and so on the 5th of December 1901 he was crowed King of the United Kingdom, Emperor of India etc.

Once again the British Empire had a foreign King placed on the throne. And, by combining the world's greatest naval and land powers, the course of European and world history would be changed forever.