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Allies Axis
Commanders and leaders
Main Allied leaders:
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Winston Churchill
  • Chiang Kai-shek
Main Axis leaders:
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Hirohito
  • Benito Mussolini
Casualties and losses
  • Military dead:
  • Over 16,000,000
  • Civilian dead:
  • Over 45,000,000
  • Total dead:
  • Over 61,000,000
  • (1937–1945)
  • ...further details
  • Military dead:
  • Over 8,000,000
  • Civilian dead:
  • Over 4,000,000
  • Total dead:
  • Over 12,000,000
  • (1937–1945)

Point of Divergence

April 1940: Germany invaded the Scandinavian Peninsula, particularly Norway and Denmark to protect shipments of Iron ore from Sweden which the Allies were attempting to cut off. The Germans failed in Oslo, Norway in May 1940, because of heavy defense and the failure of supplies from Germany. The remaining German troops retreated to Skagen, in the northern tip of Denmark. The Germans instead shifted its troops towards the advance toward France, which also started in April. The Norwegians joined the Allies and helped to reconquer Denmark which ended in June 1941.


During the Dunkirk evacuation, The Germans intercepted the evacuation fleet and destroyed everything. The remaining soldiers died. The repeated losses of the Allies continued until 1943, when most of Europe was captured. All of the member nations were under attacked by both Japanese and German forces. The fall of China ( December 1943) devastated the Allied war effort which allowed the Axis to strengthen. Adolf Hitler soon showed interest in Nuclear weapons. Because many scientists who specialized in this were Jewish, Hitler promised to not kill them, resulting in many Jews to be saved. The 6,000,000 shrunk to 6,000.

1942: The year 1942 was a hard one for the USA. It lost during the Battle of Midway, resulting to the weakening of the USAFFE. The Eastern Seaboard was bombed continuously by the Luftwaffe. The USA abandoned the Eastern Seaboard instead putting up defenses in the borders of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama. The tactic worked and the Germans stopped bombing it because of high losses. But Australia; one of the USA's most precious allies was invaded.

Australian Fall

Australia played an important part in the Pacific Theater of the war. Its victory in Indonesia (1942) prevented Japanese forces from using it as an outpost for the proposed Australian Invasion. Sadly, the invasion came true in 1943.

The Japanese forces quickly bombed Northern Australia until its defenses fell. The Axis force then marched toward Western Australia taking Perth in July. The alarmed Australian and New Zealand troops quickly built defenses from Mackay towards Adelaide. The desert proved too difficult to cross by Japanese forces, instead marching along the Northern Coast towards Mackay. The Australians spread their supplies equally along the Mackay-Adelaide line. The Japanese forces saw this and concentrated their troops to Mackay which fell in March 1944. The enemy troops invaded most of Australia by November. New Zealand sent troops to assist in defending Sydney, the last stronghold, but Australia fell in January 1945.

Soldiers defend the Northern Coast Australian Fall

German Atom Bombs

The development of Atom bombs by Hitler was finished in February 1945. Germany made 25 atom bombs which were dropped in the remaining Allies: USA, New Zealand, Canada, and the Soviet Union. The atom bombs taken by the Allies are shown here:

  • USA: 7
  • New Zealand: 1
  • Canada: 6
  • Soviet Union: 12


WW2 ended after the last atom bomb was dropped in Moscow in December 1945. The Axis conquered the world except for the "Last Four"; the countries dropped upon by atom bombs. They were declared as wastelands. After the 7 years of war, the world collapsed in the so called "Apocalypse Day" (September 11 1950) which all nations collapsed and most survivors banded together as renegades. The renegade bands battled each other for decades ending in (2011), when humanity launched itself into the "Rebirth".

Violet- Wasteland

Yellow- Axis

Blue- Allies

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