Alternative History

This is the beta page for Long_Populist's TL, "The Bleeding of The Silver Heart.", a TL with the election of The Bryan-Watson ticket in 1896, The U.S. Aid in WWI to cause the Central powers to win shortly after the unfortunate and dramatic death of Teddy Roosevelt, and the eventual rise of Socialism, Communism, and other forms of Economic Leftism all over the world.


This TL will begin with William Jennings Bryan selecting Populist Georgian Tom Watson for his normal running mate after Arthur Sewall survives an accident and decides to decline the nomination, but endorses Bryan and helps pay money for Bryan's campaign. The eventual win of Bryan brings joy the nation during the turmoils of The Long Depression. The Democrats and Populists immediately merged into the Social Silver Party after William McKinley conceded to Bryan. This starts the stage for the world wide spread of certain economic leftist ideologies.

Current Brainstorms up to WWI

I have though of some numerous ideas before I start. I won't plan too far for starters, but I need to clean up a bit so I can make this TL as good as possible for my readers.

1. Bryan succeeds in passing The Silver Standard Act, The Child Labor Act, The Minimum Wage Age, and the 8-Hour Work Day Act (The latter 3 so far are likely to be rolled up into one Amendment in the Constitution, and if ratified soon as expected it will be this TL's 16th Amendment.) He later passes the Income Tax Act (becomes The 17th Amendment.), Allowing people to elect Senators instead of State Legislators picking them (becomes The 18th Amendment.), and proposing The Womens' Suffrage Act (Becomes The 19th Amendment shortly after being assassinate din 1903.)

2. Bryan ends The Spanish-American war slightly quicker and with less casualties promising independence to Hawaii, Cuba, Guam, and The Philippines independence if they helped on The American side. This earns America some new allies, but some American imperialists are upset due to not annexing them. Hawaii; however, requested annexation to The United Sates and was accepted only due to willing request.

3. Bryan is assassinated on April 12, 1903 while attending a conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania while giving a speech on The Womens' Suffrage Act. His assassination was committed by Leon Czolgosz. Czolgosz was immediately sent to death in Philadelphia on May 4, 1903. Vice President Tom Watson is sworn in as the 26th President shortly after the incident.

4. Shortly after Watson comes in office, The Women's Suffrage Act is passed and ratified by the states as the 19th Amendment. President Watson strongly supported this Amendment as much as Bryan. This helps Watson being elected to his own term during the 1904 elections.

5. President Roosevelt is killed shortly after being re-elected in 1912 by a Russian Assassin (any good candidates?) during inauguration. The new pick for Roosevelt's Vice President, Hiram Johnson, is sworn in as 28th President of The United States.

6. President Johnson enters WWI in 1914 on The CP, primarily against Russia. The CP wins due to American aid and assistance. (Need help with a few battles and treaties, also, need help with causing a Russian Revolution and making it fail.)

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