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Every breath you take in this land smells like death. A terrible plague left fields and cities empty.
(Introduction to the History of Franjiya by Jalil Hanan Qadir, investigator of the Institute of European History of Tulaytulah[1]).

Introduction (POD)

Not blue but a Mesomamerican Mask

The Black Death of the 14th century, also known as the Great Plague, was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, resulting in the deaths of all European population.

Due to a genetic mutation of the bacterium Yersinia pestis, which resulted in specific strains of the plague that wiped out all European inhabitants, but did not effect populations of the rest of Eurasia, Africa and India and Far East and some far off Norse.

What was left of Europe was a footnote in history investigated and retold by the Andulucian historians and Nordic sagas.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the ocean, the Mayan, Inca and Mesoamerican cultures carry on without knowing they have been spared the conquest of Europeans in the hands of Columbus, Cortes, Pizarro and others.

Want to contribute?

This timeline is open for anybody who shows interest in joining. Before you consider getting started, it is highly recommended that you get acquainted with the Editorial Guidelines (See below) of the timeline.

For any questions just send a message to JorgeGG (creator of the proposal and for the time being editor).

If interested, read the guidelines, write an article and place your signature on the contributors page.

Editorial Guidelines

  1. Don't make copy of Kim Stanley Robinson's The Years of Rice and Salt nor derivative work. Be original on your proposal and forget the book.
  2. No magic nor ASB nor Wanks. The POD is already an ASB event.
  3. Do not jump from the 14th century to the year 2019 without having a detailed timeline.
  4. If you have an idea go on, write it. If any questions, please post them on the main talk page.
  5. Mutatis mutandis, not all monarchies or empires last for long. Consider changes over time.
  6. Try to integrate events or the general or specific development of articles in yours.
  7. No, the Norse or Vikings do not rule the World. Avoid Wanks.
  8. No the Incas, Mayas or others do not cross the Pacific Ocean and conquer the Arabs and Europe nor drop a Nuke. Be Plausible in what happens.
  9. Avoid space filling empires or entities. Don't be afraid of terra nullius.
  10. No copy/paste from Wikipedia.
  11. And finally, enjoy it, play nice, and be respectful to everyone.

Types of articles

This timeline utilizes several types of articles which should be understood by those who wish to work here.


Articles that are canon can simply refer to a completed article. Not necessary finished, canon articles mark the standard for all existing and future articles.


Articles can be proposed by users who can make their own unique say to the timeline. All proposals are welcomed and encouraged.

Because of the growing complexity and information in the timeline, new content will NOT automatically become canon. New articles will have to be reviewed and harmonized before they can become canonized. Any proposal is to remain a proposal until such time as it has developed to become canon. Until such time, there is to be no mentioning of these proposed pages on any already canon pages.

It is to be noted that any proposed article will require the following template to be placed on the TOP of the page, and that any proposed articles are to be brought up on the main talk page.

{{Proposal|timeline=The Blue Jade Mask}}

Under Construction

An article under construction simply means that information on the article is no longer canon and requires cleaning as part of this timeline's standards. In short, do not take them at face value. Unlike proposals, articles under construction can be made mentioned in other articles, but are not to be seen as completely canon for any proposal. An article will no longer be under construction once it has become canonized once again.

It is to be noted that all articles under construction will require the following template to be placed on the TOP of the page. Any articles under construction are barred from outside edits (with the exception of grammatical and administrative edits).

{{Under Construction|timeline=The Blue Jade Mask}}


Articles that are stubbed refer to those which are canon, but lack vital work to make them complete. Pretty much this refers to articles which require more work to be done. Stubbed articles can be open to new users to expand upon. Anyone interested should bring up any new ideas to the article talk page.

It is to be noted that all stubbed articles will require the following template to be placed on the TOP of the page.

{{Stub|The Blue Jade Mask}}


Many obsolete articles exist within this timeline. These refer to articles which are no longer part of the timeline, and thereby should be ignored within the timeline. Due in part to reference and sentimental purposes, these articles have not been deleted from the site, also in hopes that they can be resurrected in the future. Though after a certain period of times (mostly years) an obsolete article may be removed from the site altogether.

It is to be noted that all obsolete articles will require the following template to be placed on the TOP of the page.

{{Obsolete|timeline=The Blue Jade Mask}}

References, sources and other useful things

This is a short (and incomplete) list of sources - besides some useful sources and tools.

Books and E-books
  • The Maya (Ancient Peoples and Places). Michael D. Coe, Stephen Houston.
  • The Lost Chronicles Of The Maya Kings by David Drew
  • 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus 2nd Edition, by Charles C. Mann
Useful tools
Images and maps


  1. OTL Toledo, Spain
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