The Chancellery
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The Chancellery, viewed from the gardens. Telstra Tower is in the background.
General information
Architectural style Colonial Georgian revival
Address 5 Charlotte Avenue,
Northam NT1 1AA,
TS, Cygnia
Current tenants Anthony Albanese
Construction started October 13, 1818; 202 years ago (1818-10-13)
Completed November 1, 1824; 196 years ago (1824-11-01)
Design and construction
Architect Terence Murray

The Chancellery in 1927, during the Lyons Government

The Chancellor's Office

The Chancellery is the official residence and principal workplace of the Chancellor of the United Cygnian States, located at 5 Charlotte Avenue in Northam, TS. It has been the residence of the Cygnian chancellor since George Canning in 1825. The term Chancellery is often used to refer to actions of the chancellor and their advisers, as in "The Chancellery announced that...".

The original building was designed by Terence Murray and built between 1818 and 1824. The original building was constructed in the Georgian style. The house is set amid 54 hectares (130 acres) of parkland.

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