Alternative History

The Dragon Splits explores a "what if" Timeline where the People's Republic of China collapses. The Tibetans finally decided it was time to break the yoke after being inspired by the 2014 Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong. Beginning in 2015 with a Tibetan Unrest, soon other regions begin rebelling, until the entire nation is in civil war.

This is a spin-off from its Sister Timeline, Scotland says "Yes" which although similar in nature, is entirely set in another universe.


After Tibetan Rebels begin to take land, other rebels around the nation begin to rebel as well. In Hong Kong a Provisional Government is declared, and fighting ensured. Russian troops build up on the Northern Border, and Northern China begins rebelling. Taiwan prepares to intervene. India helps the Tibetans. Meanwhile, the UN arbitration regarding the disputed Scarborough Shoal is awarded in favor to the Philippines. As this occurs, President Rodrigo Duterte, recently elected in the 2016 elections, decides to repair relations with China and heavily criticize the United States under the Obama Administration. Indonesia begins to militarize the Natuna Islands to strengthen its claims. With the Trump Administration taking office where Obama left off, the United States increases its naval and air presence in the East Asia-Pacific Region, all while directly congratulating Taiwan's new female president.

The world is on edge.