Trommulákarýn (The Drummer)
Directed by Ólaf Ólafsson
Written by Kristjana Stefánsdottír
Starring Sveinn Hilmarsson

Hlynur Daníelsson

Stefanía Sverrirsdottír
Studio Studio Helhregnsa AB
Release date(s) 30th January, 2015
Running time 53 mins
Country Vinland
Language Vinlandic intertitles

Trommulákarýn, The Drummer, is a tense Vinlandic drama starring Hlynur Daníelsson in his first film role alongside the intense screen presence of Sveinn Hilmarsson.

The film follows a young drummer, Jón (Daníelsson), playing in small town 'Romer' band who is picked out by the proud and demanding Sigurdur (Hilmarsson) for his own prestigious and famous Fjallasay band. There follows a battle of wills between the two as Jón strives to match the exacting standards that Sigurdur demands.

The film is heavily influenced by expressionistic art with the sets becoming increasingly abstract as Jón commits himself more and more to the music and Sigurdur often shown in darkness. Much of the scenes with the two men 'battling' over the drum kit are held in extreme close up showing the intense effort Jón is making to play the music and the demanding orders from his teacher.

There is no score as such and instead the parlour house bands have been invited to interpret the Romer music in whichever way they see fit, showcasing their own abilities. This has made the film a different viewing experience depending on which parlour it is seen in and many fans of the film have seen it multiple times in different places. The film has been widely praised and has been proclaimed by several film critics as one of the finest Vinlandic films ever made.

Principal Cast

Sveinn Hilmarsson - Sigurdur
Hlynur Daníelsson - Jón
Stefanía Sverrirsdottír - Sóley

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