The End of the World is an alternate history scenario in which an alliance between the Soviets and the Americans causes the Cold War to never occur. The alliance also causes the United States of America to lend economic support to the USSR, causing the country to not collapse until 2003.

Point of Difference

At the famous Yalta conference of 1945, among other things, Franklin Delano Roosevelt brought up a peace treaty between the USA and the USSR. FDR believed that in the future Russia would grow only more powerful, and felt that it would be wise to get on their good side rather than be their enemy. Stalin agreed, and the resulting treaty agreed that each power would supply the other with any military or economic backing they needed, with the violation of the treaty as the result for neglecting this. The treaty was signed.

This proved to be a horrid mistake. As time went on, the USSR began to constantly demand relief supplies from the USA due to their poor economy, and as there was no sign of any upcoming war, ties between the two superpowers began to wear thin. By the 1990s, the USA itself was starting to struggle to the economic loss they were taking on the USSR; as a result, the USA went into a severe recession that lasted until August 11, 2003. President Al Gore, elected against George bush in the 2001 election, quickly traced the source of the recession; the treaty with the USSR. The alliance was broken and the USSR collapsed on December 31 of that year, twelve years later than it should have.

Major world powers and alliances

The American Empire

The American Empire is one of the four vast superpowers that controls the world. Its power enfolds the entire North American continent, central South America, parts of Europe, the west coast of Africa, and parts of Oceania. Washington, D.C. is its capital city, with the USA its governing country.\

The Eurasian League

The second of the superpowers, the Eurasian League is centered in Germany, with Berlin its capital city. Other major countries include Russia, Cuba, and China. Made up of most of the old Red Alliance.

The Sharif

The third superpower, the Sharif, It`s capital is Damascus, and the state encompasses much of Africa, the entire Middle East, south Asia, and central Asia.

The Neutral Republics

The Neutral Republics are a small collection of neutral countries that band together in order to survive the frequent wars that erupt between the Eurasian League and the American Empire. They believe in taking neither side. While each republic operates independently, the alliance is headquartered in Bern, Switzerland. The idea was founded by United Nations members who survived the massacre at the UN building by the American Empire (see the United Nations Massacre.)

Former major world powers and alliances

The Red Alliance

An alliance consisting of East Germany, Russia, China, Cuba, Poland, other Communist countries, and later the People's Republic of Saudi Arabia. It existed briefly during World War III as an alliance against the Allies; afterward it swiftly fell apart due to financial trouble.

The Allies

An alliance that consisted of West Germany, the USA, Britain, Canada, France, and many other democratic countries. It was a major enemy of the Red Alliance. It was formed shortly before World War III in order to stop Communism once and for all. Similar to the Red Alliance, it fell apart afterward.

In addition to these superpowers, there are a few independent countries that are allied to either the Eurasian League or the American Empire, or have allegiance to neither but are not a Neutral Republic.

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