The Greeks Supposedly Sail Home and the Trojan Horse Is Built

In the land of Troas, the Greeks had the city of Troy under siege yet suffered heavy loses, including many heroic warriors. After the deaths of the great Greek heroes Achilles and Ajax, the Greeks were all but spent. They had little chance of victory forming another full scale assault on the walls of Troy and the men were ready to sail home for Greece. Agamemnon, general of the Greek armies, had it in mind to retreat. Odysseus, a treacherous yet seasoned and intelligent Greek warrior, instead suggested another plan.

Odysseus designed a large wooden horse. Fashioned together from the ships they arrived in, it was large enough to impress and fit 15 men in the belly, including Odysseus himself. They would stay inside the horse and the horse would be presented to the Trojans as a gift and a sign of respect. The Greeks would pretend to sail home and the Trojans would accept the gift. Once inside the walls of Troy, the fifteen men would sneak out of the horse at night after the Trojans were asleep. They would kill the guards they came across and open the gates, allowing the awaiting Greek army to rush in and they would then sack the city.

The Trojan Horse Is Accepted By The Trojans

When the horse was presented to King Priam, King of the Trojans, he was impressed and ordered the horse to be drawn into the city. The citizens of Troy paraded the horse around the city before placing it in the city square. The King claimed victory over the Greeks and that night the Trojan's celebrated heavily with wine, food, and good company.

The Trojan Horse Fire and The Death of Odysseus

During the celebration, it is said that Apollo, who sided with the Trojans, lit the horse aflame after realizing the Greek's deceptive plan. Some sources speak of the drunken festivities causing a large metal fire pit to tip over and spew it's burning contents onto the feet of the horse, catching it on fire. Other sources speak of King Priam, in an effort to disgrace the Greeks, ordered the horse burned down for all to witness and cheer. Which ever story is true it is known the horse was somehow lit on fire and the Greeks that hid within it fell out of the horse, burning and screaming, and the horse came toppling down on top of them. Among the dead was Odysseus and the Greeks lost the last hero of the Trojan War. Many citizens of Troy were also injured.

Influence On Mythology and History

*The Odyssey would have never been written and the adventures of Odysseus would have never been an influence on story telling as it has in our reality.

*The Trojan Horse would have never been a symbol of deception in western culture.

*Instead of one of the greatest military actions in history, the Trojan Horse would have been known as one of the biggest military blunders ever.

*The Trojans may have retaliated and started another Greco-Trojan War.

*Trojan society would have had a better chance of surviving. They may have had a further influence on Greek society and politics.

*Trojan heroes may have had higher praise and popularity than the Greek heroes in Western society, washing over the stories of Ajax, Odysseus, and Achilles.

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