Alternative History

On the 27th February 1995 AD, a massive asteroid slams into Earth in the middle of western Siberia. The effect is devastated, nearly the whole of Eurasia, the Americas, large parts of Africa and significant parts of Australia are wrecked by the resulting shock-wave and climatic disturbance. Most of the world's nations are completely destroyed and those that survive, are largely uninterested in helping those worse off than them, even they are struggling to survive. Now, nearly fifteen years after the Impact almost destroyed most of the human race and large sections of the northern hemisphere's fauna, humanity is rebuilding its shattered society. However, many forces are work and not all of them are benign in their intentions...

Note: I'm just going to give a quick look at a few of the nations and ideas I'm floating about, I'll add separate pages later.


The Caliphate of Afghanistan Afghanistan did considerably better than most. The worst shocks were absorbed by the mountains and the area's relatively low population did not devour its way through all the food before it could start growing again. With the West and Russia completely broken, the militant Taliban, seized its chance and began a campaign of conquest, annexing most of the northern half of the country and the Swat Valley by the end of the 1990s. This was followed by a short period of consolidation and growth, until in 2007, the group swept out of its strongholds, conquering former Pakistan, northern India and most of eastern Persia, declaring a Caliphate in June 2009. By this point, the group's actions had drawn considerable worry for the western nations such as Argyll, the Hebridies Confederation, Brittany, Sicily, the Umbrian Papacy and Trebizond, all of whom feared the Taliban might be able to get hold of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal.

Kingdom of Brittany Brittany, by lucky chance, did better than most of France and indeed, the rest of Europe in surviving the Impact and by 2005, it had established bases in Cornwall, southern Ireland and as far away as Spain. Unlike the French Fifth Republic, Brittany was a kingdom and staunchly Catholic, becoming a powerful ally to the Umbrian Papacy. Despite this, it sent troops to fight in Scotland to aid the Hebredian Islands against Argyll.

Umbrian Papacy Italy, was crippled by the Impact, and Rome collapsed within a few days. However, the Papacy withdrew from the city and established its base in the north Italian plain.